January 7Term 2 Starts
January 18/19BISP Challenge Cup, Basketball
January 26/27BISP UTR Tennis Tournament
February 16 – 25Half Term Holiday
March 1 – 4FOBISIA Wind Band Festival
March 15 – 16BISP Basketball 3’s
March 23?11th Annual Volleyball Smackdown
April 1 – 3Secondary Musical
April 6 – 21?School Closed – Songkran Holiday

Life at BISP

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BISP shines in the Intermediate UKMT Challenge

In the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Challenge, BISP students received a record 28 certificates in the Intermediate Challenge. This challenge is designed for top mathematics students and is?taken by schools globally. Any certificates are an impressive achievement,?especially for Year 9 students, who have to compete?directly with Year 10 and 11. Particularly notable achievements include?Tania, […]

Is your blood type Rh Negative? The community needs your help

In Phuket, there is an alarming shortage of Rh- blood, yet 15% of the expat community is estimated to have it. In a life-threatening situation where blood is required, this shortage could become a risk for friends, family and members of the BISP and Phuket Community. Only 0.3% of Thai people have Rh Negative blood. […]